Indoor activities

Fun in the evening

Sing out and have fun with your friends, colleagues, or family. Who will be tonight’s singing star? You handle the microphones, and we’ll deliver snacks and drinks according to your preferences.

Price: 2000 SEK + 195 SEK per person for 3 hours. (2500 SEK + 240 SEK incl. VAT).

Night Spa – book our relaxation area
Slip into your bathrobes in your room after a delightful dinner and head down to our relaxation area between 9:00 PM – 12:00 AM. With candlelight and a cozy fireplace, you can enjoy some time for yourselves with healthy snacks and drinks, a dip in the pool, or perhaps a hot sauna.

Price: from 888 SEK/person excluding VAT. Drink package, 2 glasses + refill. 6 oysters and 3 canapés. Minimum number of participants: 10 people.

Fun Competitions and Games

Of course, there are a variety of fun activities that can be carried out during a break, before, or during dinner - perfect for when you need a little fun diversion. Here are some examples!

Mingle Game
The Mingle Game allows participants to interact with each other in a fun way. In teams of five, participants compete in a series of short and enjoyable activities while interacting with other teams. The goal is to gather points and win by working well together and meeting new people.

Duration: 45 minutes

Taste Duel Playing with our senses is a simple way to add laughter and lessons about what we usually take for granted. The Taste Duel is conducted as a team competition where we combine the goodness of beverages, cheese, and chocolate, among other things. It’s a team competition where we put our senses to the test, of course with a twist.

Duration: 1 hour

Music Game
Music Game is a team competition where participants get to enjoy music and answer questions during the coffee break or pre-dinner drinks. The game is designed to entertain, evoke laughter, and create fun conversation topics. It’s played on tablets, and you’re divided into teams of 3-5 people. While the music is playing, teams are fed questions about artists from the 70s to today.

Duration: 30 minutes.

Pub Games
A multi-event consisting of various traditional English pub games and our own favorites. You can choose from the following disciplines:

  • Table Skittles
  • Corn Board
  • Carpet Bowls
  • Shuffleboard
  • Laser Pistol
  • Giant Jenga
  • Night Duel
  • Puff Billiards
  • Curling without ice

Duration: from 1 hour

Contact us at for a quote and more information – or if you have other ideas you’d like to implement!

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