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“Welcome to Sandhamn Seglarhotell (Yacht Hotel), a destination for unforgettable experiences surrounded by nature and the sea. Immerse yourself in one of the Stockholm archipelago’s most unique and historically rich islands, all while enjoying modern comforts and a laid-back atmosphere complemented by delicious cuisine, music, lively parties, social gatherings, and various activities.

At Sandhamn Seglarhotell you can always experience the archipelago — every day, all year round. Experience the vibrant summers when the island bursts with life, and our After Sail events provide the perfect setting for parties and mingling. During the rest of the year, the hotel hosts Christmas celebrations, concerts, themed weeks, and other engaging activities. Whether you’re part of a conference group, a sailing crew, a family with children, or a romantic couple, there’s always a reason to unwind and enjoy your time with us at Sandhamn Seglarhotell.

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Sandhamn stands as one of the Stockholm archipelago's most iconic destinations. Offering a diverse array of nature experiences, leisure activities, and quintessential archipelago living, it truly captures the essence of this remarkable region. The intertwining elements of the sea, the forest, and the beaches come together to craft a world-renowned and truly unparalleled experience.

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