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Sandhamn Seglarhotell has its origins dating back to the 19th century when the building was inaugurated by King Oscar II as the clubhouse of the Royal Swedish Yacht Club. Today, it is operated as a modern archipelago hotel by the couple Johanna and Marcus Wallen.


A modern hotel for great experiences in the archipelago

We believe that today’s archipelago traveler seeks both nature and comfort. Being on Sandhamn is a magical experience, with sailing, lovely beaches, and walks with dramatic sea views. Here, you also have access to modern hotel rooms, a cozy spa with a gym and pool area, and a top-class kitchen run by chefs from Stockholm’s most popular establishments.

At Sandhamn Seglarhotell, you can always experience the archipelago — every day, all year round. From the vibrant summer, when the island comes alive and our after-sail is open for parties and socializing. To the rest of the year, when the hotel is filled with Christmas buffets, concerts, theme weeks, and other activities. Whether you’re a conference group, a sailing crew, a family with children, or a loving couple, you’ll always find a reason to relax with us at Sandhamn Seglarhotell.

Marcus & Johanna Wallen

When life took an unexpected turn

Sometimes you end up in a situation where everything in life is put on hold. That was how it was for us when in 2019 we were asked to take over the operation of Sandhamn Seglarhotell. For a long time, we had wanted to find a new way of life, where we had more time for each other, and could still work on something that we

At times, life presents moments where everything seems to pause. This was the case for us in 2019 when the opportunity to take over Sandhamn Seglarhotell arose. Longing for a new way of life with more time for each other, and still driven by our shared passions, we embraced the challenge.

Bringing a wealth of experience in restaurant management and property development, Marcus has overseen renowned establishments such as Lydmar, Strandvägen 1, and Eataly in Stockholm. Johanna’s background includes work with the esteemed housing developer, Oscar Properties.

Unified by our dedication to quality and hospitality, and buoyed by a large family and circle of friends, hosting comes naturally to us.

are both passionate about.

We who run Sandhamn Seglarhotell have a long background in restaurant and housing development. Marcus has previously run well-known restaurants such as Lydmar, Strandvägen 1 and Eataly in Stockholm. Johanna has worked at the housing developer Oscar Properties.

What we both have in common is that we are passionate about quality and hospitality. We have a big family and many friends. Hosting is something that comes naturally to us.

Life at Sandhamn

Our life at Sandhamn

In Sandhamn, we’ve discovered our new way of life—a fusion of our passion for genuine hospitality, captivating nature encounters, culinary delights, festive gatherings, and social connections. Here, we’ve found a permanent escape from the hustle of city life, yet our days remain as vibrant as ever.

We embrace life’s contrasts, recognizing the modern need for both immersive nature experiences and contemporary comforts. Whether it’s enjoying a fine dining experience with family or unwinding at a chic bar with tunes spun by DJs and live performers, we believe in offering diverse and enriching experiences.

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