Team buildning & sports

Various activities to train the group's communication and teamwork skills

Sandhamn Challenge
An engaging and team-building scavenger hunt on Sandhamn. It’s a perfect environment with water, alleyways, and challenging terrains. Teams of about 5 people hunt for point stations, where challenges and questions await to be solved. The stations have different point values and difficulty levels, allowing each team to devise a suitable strategy. In collaboration with Active Minds.

Duration: Upon request (recommended between 1-3 hours). Read more here.

Checkpoint Challenge
Here, everyone in the team can contribute! Checkpoint Challenge is a hybrid between an orientation and a quiz where teams, with the help of tablets, compete for points, and also complete a number of fun photo tasks.

Winning requires quick feet and general knowledge, and we can guarantee some laughs when the photos come in! In collaboration with More Activities.

Duration: 1.5 hours. Number of participants: 8-50 or more people.

The 39 Steps
The 39 Steps is a competition where your team receives 39 tasks to solve. Everyone can participate, and you can choose to do everything together or distribute tasks based on the group’s unique abilities. During the competition, you’ll see parts of Sandhamn, interact with the locals, scratch your heads, challenge your taste buds, and be both witty and creative. You’ll do something fun together, compete, and be outdoors. In collaboration with Sandhamnsguiderna.

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours. Number of participants: 13 – 24 people.

Mission in Sandhamn
An exercise, or competition, in collaboration and communication. The group’s abilities are challenged without any individual performance being assessed. Teams navigate with the help of clues to different stations where instructors are present to guide. In collaboration with Sandhamnsguiderna.

Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours. Number of participants: 13 – 24 people.

Team Challenge
An exercise in communication and collaboration. For groups that want to get out and work as a team, get to know each other, and develop as a group. In collaboration with Sandhamnsguiderna.

Duration: 2.5 hours. Number of participants: 6-12 people.

Sporty Activities for Everyone

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting
Safe and environmentally friendly – but just as fun! One of our most popular activities that adds excitement to life, completely without gunpowder! What once were real shotguns are now equipped with advanced laser technology, making this activity completely safe and environmentally friendly, ensuring its success! Hits and points are displayed instantly on an electronic scoreboard, and we switch between different shooting games.

Duration: From 1 hour. Suitable for larger groups.

Clay Pigeon Shooting
In clay pigeon shooting, there’s always action and excitement. It’s loud, and the clay pigeons fly swiftly through the air. Hitting them is, of course, the goal, and it’s a sport that many love.

(During the period from June 9th to August 20th, it’s not allowed to shoot, and the activity requires daylight.)

Duration: 1.5 hours. Number of participants: maximum 18.

Yoga, Cross-training, or Multisport
Enjoy a great workout session under guidance. Find peace and strength – perfect activity after long conference sessions! Let us know what suits your group best, and we’ll tailor something specifically for you.

Guided Bike Tour
A fun and playful way to explore Sandhamn. Cycle along trails, rocks, beaches, and through the magnificent pine forest of Sandön. Take breaks and enjoy the view of the open sea. During the tour, the guide will provide information about the places you see and offer some tips on off-road cycling. Sports snacks will be provided during the tour.

Duration: 2 hours. Number of participants: maximum 12.

Fishing Guide
With extensive experience, our guides will find the best waters of the day in search of today’s catch. The guides provide boats, fishing equipment, warm flotation suits, and, of course, help with the technique – all to ensure your success. Refreshments are provided onboard, and lunch is included in full-day fishing trips.

Duration: 4 or 8 hours. Number of participants: maximum 12.

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