The journey here

Make the journey a part of the conference experience and combine it with a team-building sailing excursion or an exhilarating RIB tour. There are many different transportation options available to reach us at Sandhamn.

Make the travel to Sandhamn part of the conference

The conference begins already on the journey to Sandhamn. The air, the nature, and the archipelago settlements provide tranquility to the soul, allowing you to break free from the mundane gray of everyday life.

Customize your trip with us and give the team a challenge and an experience at sea right from the start. Read below about all the different options for you to get to the island and feel free to contact us if you have questions or want help with booking!

Different ways to get here

Travel by bus or car to Stavsnäs Vinterhamn on Värmdö. From there, board an ferry bound for Sandhamn. Enjoy a scenic 30 to 60-minute journey through Stockholm’s archipelago before arriving in Sandhamn. Boat tickets can be purchased directly on board using a card.

For groups and conferences, we’re delighted to assist in arranging a bus ride from your office, City Terminal, or another convenient location to Stavsnäs, with a connecting boat taxi. This option offers a swift and hassle-free journey, taking approximately 1.5 hours from Stockholm city.

Embark on a ferry from Strandvägen in Stockholm. After a leisurely 2-hour voyage through the archipelago, you’ll reach Sandhamn. Purchase boat tickets directly on board using a card or online.

In addition to regular tours, you can pre-book a boat taxi, with payment made directly on board via card or Swish. Many of our groups, both large and small, opt for this option. From Stavsnäs, the journey takes just 30 minutes, and we’re happy to assist with bookings.

RIB transport can be arranged from designated jetties. Choose from Strandvägen, Vaxholm, or Stavsnäs, depending on your preference. You’ll be provided with warm overalls, hats, gloves, and goggles. Luggage can be accommodated on board, and we’re here to assist with bookings.

Combine transportation to your archipelago conference, cap off the day with an exhilarating match race, or invigorate your group with a lunch cruise. Whether departing from Stockholm, Waxholm, Grinda, Sandhamn, or any other location, experienced skippers will ensure a memorable journey. Luggage is welcome on board, and we’re happy to help you arrange your sailing experience.

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