A taste experience beyond the ordinary

Chef's Table in the Orangery

Book the Orangery with a Private Chef

Chef’s Table presents outstanding cuisine and wine within an unparalleled ambiance. It’s an invitation to savor an extraordinary atmosphere and indulge in a culinary journey.

Embark on a gastronomic adventure through eight meticulously crafted courses, each promising a taste sensation unlike any other.

This experience is open to groups of 4-12 individuals throughout the year, excluding the busiest summer months. With a dedicated chef and impeccable service included, the event spans approximately three hours. Secure your reservation at least seven days in advance by contacting hovmastare@sandhamn.com.

In head chef's Tomas own words

Which ingredients are you most excited to work with in the future?
I’m really looking forward to working with asparagus, wild garlic, early vegetables, and spring lamb. These ingredients offer a unique flavor experience and are truly characteristic of the upcoming season.

Have you come across any local produce that surprised you?
I’ve actually stumbled upon wild asparagus during my walks to Kvarnberget. Sandön’s sandy soil is perfect for asparagus growth.

Why did you start a chef’s table?
The chef’s table is my way of exploring creativity more freely, without constraints from the regular menu. It’s an outlet for me to create dishes that may not fit into our archipelago brasserie.

Why should one book a chef’s table with you?
For those who book a chef’s table, it’s a chance to experience the best evening with fantastic food and wine in a unique environment. It’s an opportunity to enjoy an exceptional atmosphere and a culinary journey.

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